Posted by: jhvn | 03/27/2013

Ode to Joy for Geezers, Adults, and Children

Music and joy know no bounds. They nourish us all.

Many endeavors have distracted this geezer for the last few weeks. This morning I was wonderfully awakened by street musicians playing Beethoven to the absolute delight of all. So I felt compelled to share this experience with you all. Here it is. Follow this  link to Beethoven’s version of Schiller’s  Ode to Joy done in the street for all.  This geezer was in tears and can say only ENJOY!


  1. indeed – chills and tears. thanks for sharing this.

  2. John,

    Yes, this is a truly wonderful rendition of Ode to Joy. The same one was shared by our choir a while ago. Thanks – it was worth hearing again.

  3. Thank-you, John. Watching the video, I enjoyed an equally somatic, cerebral and spiritual response to the street concert! Thanks so much! And it was free for me and thee and them! I just loved that little girl who climbed the street lamp and was conducting. That would have been me four decades ago! I created a talking Easter e-card for you from American Greetings. Be sure and “pick it up”! Happy Easter, John!

  4. Beautiful !

    I wonder if this would ever happen in the USA?

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